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About Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) / FASTTAG:

lectronic toll collection (ETC) aims to eliminate the delay on toll roads by collecting tolls electronically. ETC determines whether the cars passing are enrolled in the program, alerts enforcers for those that are not, and electronically debits the accounts of registered car owners without requiring them to stop.

Electronic toll collection has facilitated the concession to the private sector of the construction and operation of urban freeways. Also, it has made feasible the improvement and the practical implementation of road congestion pricing schemes in a limited number of urban areas to restrict auto travel in the most congested area.

FASTag is a simple to use, reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges and lets you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for the cash transaction. FASTag is linked to a prepaid account from which the applicable toll amount is deducted. The tag employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicle’s windscreen after the tag account is active.

FASTag is a perfect solution for a hassle free trip on national highways. FASTag is presently operational at more than 400 toll plazas across national and state highways.

  • Veh.Class. : Vehicle Class Type
  • T.C. : Tag cost
  • S.D. : Security Deposit
  • M.R. : Minimum Recharge Amount

Amount to be Charged from Customer during Registration:-

Veh.Class T.C. S.D. M.R. Total Amount
Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle 100 200 100 400
Light Commercial Vehicle 100 300 140 540
Light Three Axle Commercial Vehicles 100 400 300 800
BuS 2 Axle 100 400 300 800
Bus 3-axle 100 400 300 800
Mini-Bus 100 300 140 540
Truck 2 – axle 100 400 300 800
Truck 3 – axle 100 400 300 800
Truck 4 – axle 100 400 300 800
Truck 5 – axle 100 400 300 800
Truck 6 – axle 100 400 300 800
Truck Multi axle ( 7 and above) 100 400 300 800
Earth Moving Machinery 100 400 300 800
Heavy Construction machinery 100 400 300 800
Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle 100 200 100 400

Benefit to Road User:-

  • Near non-stop motion through toll plazas
  • Convenience for cashless payment of toll fee
  • Less traffic congestion and reduced commute times
  • Toll statements which can be mailed or made available online
  • A cashback on all Toll payments using FASTag. The cashback amount for a particular month will be credited back to your FASTag account within a week of subsequent month.

Benefit to Toll Operator:-

  • Lower operating costs
  • Better audit control through centralized user accounts
  • Improved capacity without being required to build more infrastructure

Benefit to Government:

  • Savings on fuel and reduction of emissions from idling and repeated stops at toll plazas
  • Improves transparency of toll transactions

Benefit to VLE’s:

  • For every registration or on-boarding of new vehicle VLE will get commission
  • For every top-up/recharge VLE’s will get commission

Process and role of VLE:

  • VLE’s will procure the fast tag from CSC portal
  • CSC SPV will send the SBI credentials to registered mail ID
  • Once Fastag received by VLE’s, VLE’s will register customer details at SBI Portal and affix the tag on the car
  • After affix the tag VLE’s will do the recharge or top-up from CSC wallet. This is iterative process for earning of VLE’s.

Mode of Commission:

  • Commission amount to be paid on monthly basis. Commission structure as given:
Bank VLE Share for Tag Insurance Top-up from Bank VLE’s Share- Top-up Commission
State Bank of India 25.00 1% of Value Subject to Minimum 5.00 Rs and Max 50.00 (Minimum Top-up 200.00 Rs.) 80.00% of top-up commission Value

Note: Above commission amount to be paid after deduction of TDS/TAX

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